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Making Facebook Ads Part of Your Social SEO Strategies

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Making Facebook Ads Part of Your Social SEO Strategies


In the course of the most recent few years, online networking has turned into an undeniably increasing piece of web market efforts. Web based life outlets offer an exceptional chance to target, and associate with, a specific statistic. Applying ads on Facebook can be a good strategy to attract traffic to your website.

Now, there are three different ways to direct advertise on Facebook. One, we can apply market place ads. Two, we can use premium ads and last, Custom Audience Ads. There are certain aspects you have to keep in mind about all these types of ads. Market place, we can see them on the right side of the Facebook feed. Space is strictly limited with these ads, and you are only allowed a small thumbnail and a maximum of 135 characters.

Premium Facebook ads can be seen in regular feed but as sponsored stories. We can apply larger image and videos content and have no text boundaries. There is no disadvantage of a premium ad as Facebook users often resent having their personal feed interrupted by paid advertising and can opt to ignore a company’s further posts. Lastly Custom Audience Ads is the latest Facebook advertising. It helps to allow business work directly with Facebook to target the existing audience. We only have to supply the Facebook with their email contact list and Facebook cross references the list with their online users to build an ad campaign that specifically targets those account holders.

We only need patience in it but we should all know our goals. We should be clear and should be able to identify our goals. We should target campaign. Always create customized ads, and lastly, test again and again and again.

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