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Importance of Polling in Social Media Strategy

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Importance of Polling Strategy in Social Media Strategy


Having presence on social media is not enough in today’s marketing world. To have a strong and effective social media strategy is important to engage and interact with your audience in different ways. Polling is the powerful tools brands can incorporate into a social strategy. According to a survey by Wunderman, 79 percent of consumers say they want brands to actively demonstrate that they ‘understand and care’ about them before they make purchase.

The modern era of marketing is heavily influenced by social media making it vitally important for brands to listen to what their customers are saying.  Polls can also be used to help brands make more instantaneous decisions, with users aware that they have the influence to create a specific result. Social media platforms have just simplified polling capabilities and many business-to-business businesses are leveraging online through social media polls.

 Polls permit you to tap into the minds of others. If you are any kind of business, they are a great way to see what your consumers want from you. Social media polling is the simplest way to get the opinions of others. Your clients would be very pleased if they start seeing your content based on their interest. Polls are likely to create higher engagement as they provide the opportunity for a two-way interaction between fans and influences, with the latter asking direct questions to make people feel more involved and gaining insight into how products or marketing is coping with customers.

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