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How Nofollow Links are still a winner for SEO?

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How Nofollow Links are still a winner for SEO?



We all know by now that link building is the baseline of a SEO, but does it still work? This is the biggest fear of the webmasters. Google’s search algorithm attacked the web and we all got terrified for our websites ranking. But still, it is very important to be careful about the link building.

Let’s discuss the difference between nofollow or dofollow links. We all know the importance of link building to make the website recognizable on the search engines. Now, there are two types of link dofollow and nofollow links.

Dofollow links are the authentic links which are recognized by the search engines. These links make a website recognizable on the Google. Nofollow links, then again, tell the web crawler the opposite. They educate Google not follow these connection, and not to consider the connected site in their page rankings. The reason for the nofollow link was to battle the uptick in manipulative connections that spammy sites were utilizing to build their page positioning and ranking.

Nofollow means No links?

Google demands that Nofollow links offer no unmistakable SEO value in light of the fact that the internet searcher doesn’t take after the connection or list the linked to page. This is just mostly obvious. While Google does not “tally” the connected to page, it does especially take after the connection. Also, nofollow links help to assemble assorted variety inside your link profile. Something that Google needs to see, and recommend to all website admins and SEOs. Also, Nofollow links can lead to increasing traffic, more traffic means more leads and brand building.

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