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Best Strategy for SEO that never lets us down!

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Best Strategy for SEO that never lets us down!

Ever realized why the website does not appear on the search engines? Probably, the SEO needs improvement. I know SEO is a tricky business but SEO can be very beneficial for the website once you get a hang of it. I am sure we all know by now that what SEO is, Right? We have heard this terminology so many times. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It’s a measurable and a repeatable process that is utilized to send signals to the web crawlers that your page is appearing in Google’s index.

The question is, how to make an effective SEO strategy! We have to be very careful while making a strategy. Google Panda was introduced in 2011 to stop the low quantity content to appear on the results on google. Then, in 2012, Penguin was introduced to better catch sites considered to be spam in indexed lists, specifically those doing as such by purchasing or getting them through connection systems to boost Google rankings. But we cannot deny from the fact, there has been a lot of improvement through the years.

For the SEO strategy, we need to make a campaign for a full audit of the website first, understand the website, natures of the business, targeted market and audience, understand the current situation and actual needs. Then, identify the occurring problem and understand the needs with finding the solutions. Set a goal and make a campaign to achieve the goal. All these steps are time consuming but once they are implemented correctly, no one stop us from appearing on the top results of google.

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